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Steps to Becoming a Home Inspector

Effective July 1, 2011, the State of Florida Home Inspector law requires all home inspectors to be state certified. Home inspectors who continue to operate without state certification may be subject to hefty fines of $1000 or more. Realtors may incur civil liability for using non-certified home inspectors. An occupational license alone is no longer sufficient. A 120 hour home inspection course by an accredited institution is mandatory.

Good job news - a home inspection is performed on 95% of all purchases!

Today, almost 95% of homes listed for sale or under contract with mortgage lenders utilize a home inspection by a licensed home inspector with proper Florida licensing and credentials. Getting a Florida Home Inspector license enables you to enter a necessary profession which is a new, exciting and profitable opportunity.

Why choose Ed Klopfer Schools for the 120 hour mandatory course?
  1. Ed Klopfer Schools offers the complete 120 hour course in a LIVE classroom presentation (including on-site field inspections) conducted by experienced industry professionals.

  2. No online portions of class.

  3. Students who successfully complete the 120 hour course can audit a future 120 hour course at no additional cost for one (1) year.

  4. Cram course for NHIE exam prep - coming soon.

  5. Experienced instructional staff who work in the industry.

  6. Convenient schedules and locations.

  7. Realistically priced and affordable. Prior student discounts are available. (Full payment is required prior to starting class.)

  8. Tuition includes books and other written material.

"Home inspection services" means a limited visual examination of the following readily accessible installed systems and components of a home: the electrical system, exterior components, HVAC system, interior components, plumbing system, roof covering, structure and site conditions that affect the structure, for the purposes of providing a written professional opinion of the condition of the home." (per Florida Statute)

120 Hour Home Inspection Course - NOW $1200

(It helps if registration/payment received a week in advance of class start date.)

You will receive:

  • Professional instruction relating to all major residential home components listed above.
  • The finest and most complete textbook available today (836 pages full of valuable Home Inspection information), which is received on the first day of class.
  • Instructions as to how to set up your own business, to include insurance, licensing regulations, structure, marketing and goal setting.

The course was developed to include classroom instruction (100 hours) of the following:

  • Inspection Methods---24 hours
  • Buiding Systems---42 hours
  • Reporting---24 hours
  • Professional Practice---10 hours

Field-based practical demonstrations (20 hours) of the following:

  • Inspection Methods---8 hours
  • Buiding Systems---8 hours
  • Professional Practice---4 hours

This course includes an end-of-course exam.


Ed Klopfer Schools - Rewards Package

 As a way to say thank you to ALL prior Ed Klopfer students, we want to extend this introductory offer to you, for a limited time only:

  1. Any prior student (any class) will receive a dollar-for-dollar (one time) credit off the regular tuition of this 120 hour Home Inspection program. (Limit: one course credit)
  2. This special dollar-for-dollar (one time) credit is TRANSFERABLE to any designated family member or friend. (Limit: one course credit)